Pest Control and Prevention

Adaptive Pest Control have been providing domestic and commercial pest control services throughout Central Scotland since 2009. Offering various levels of pest control for a broad range of species, our technicians are fully qualified to industry standards.

Furthermore, Adaptive Pest Control are members of The National Pest Technicians Association

Areas Served

We provide domestic and commercial pest control services in Edinburgh, Glasgow, The Lothians, Scottish Borders, Fife, Berwickshire and beyond.

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We offer free inspections and advice, after which we can offer a free estimate to get rid of any pests or infestations you may have.

Our free inspections and estimates also extend to preventative measures, such as proofing.

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Various Species of Pest

Over the years Adaptive Pest Control have built a wealth of knowledge and experience in removing pests and implementing preventative measures for a wide range of species.

If you don’t see your pest listed please get in touch as these are just some of those that are most common.


Rodents can spread disease and cause extensive damage to homes and businesses. Adaptive Pest Control offers squirrel, rat and mice control, removal and Proofing Services.


Exposure to rodent urine and droppings can result in a number of serious diseases in humans including forms of salmonella, and weil’s disease.

The tell tale signs you have a mouse or rat infestation include droppings, nests (shredded paper and other soft materials), foul odour, tracks and gnaw marks. 

Garden Pest Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrels

Grey Squirrels can cause extensive damage through gnawing on surfaces, young trees and electrical wiring. They can cause structural damage in roof spaces and lofts, and can cause blackouts and even short-circuit your premises. As well as the damage squirrels cause, they can be very noisy when moving through your roof spaces. Squirrel infestations can be identified through sounds, gnaw marks and droppings.

They can be particularly persistent pests, returning to their nest sites repeatedly. Adaptive Pest Control can remove squirrels and proof your home or business to keep them out.


Wild birds such as pigeons and gulls, often referred to as seagulls, can cause damage to property by fouling buildings and footpaths, blocking drainage, ventilation and machinery with their nests and feathers, as well as noise pollution.

Feral Pigeons

Bird droppings (also known as guano) can expose humans to the spread of diseases such as salmonella, psittacosis and E-coli. Gulls in particular are protective of their young and have been known to swoop at humans.

Adaptive Pest Control provides bird removal, proofing and Guano Removal services. 

Flying Insects

We offer comprehensive pest control for all kinds of insect infestations to both homes and businesses. If you suspect you have an infestation, contact us to arrange an inspection and free estimate.



There are numerous species of flies, most commonly house flies, drain/filter flies and bluebottle flies to name a few. Flies can spread a number of serious bacteria and diseases including typhoid, salmonella and E.Coli.

In addition to controlling flies, Adaptive Pest Control offers prevention measures to keep flies out of your home or business premises, including servicing and supplying professional Fly Control Units.



Wasps can become aggressive and attack humans if their nests are threatened, leading to extremely painful stings. Wasp infestations can be spotted by identifying their nests, which are either outside in the ground or amongst shrubbery or inside in quiet corners of buildings, inside walls or under eaves.

Adaptive Pest Control can inspect your premises for wasps, safely remove wasp nests and offer advice on how to prevent further wasp infestations.

Crawling Insects

Adaptive Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control for all kinds of crawling insect infestations such as spiders, ants and cockroaches to both homes and businesses. 



Apart from being visually unappealing, some spiders can cause painful bites which in rare cases can lead to allergic reactions. Spider infestations are easy to spot as they leave webs.

Adaptive Pest Control can help remove spiders and spider webs from your home or business and assist you in preventing reinfestation.



Ants are mainly a nuisance pest to your domestic or commercial property, as they are not known to carry diseases.  They tend to invade your home, building or garden initially to build nests and then continue to use your premises to forage for food.

Ants can be visibly easy to spot as they often work in groups and their nest entrances can usually be seen by displacement of dirt.

Adaptive Pest Control offer ant removal and proofing services.


Bed Bugs

In addition to itching, bed bug bites can cause severe allergic reactions. Bed bug infestations are notoriously difficult to control and can be identified by the itchy red bites they leave on skin, tiny black spots on your mattress or blood splotches on your bedding.

Adaptive Pest Control can provide expert bed bug control services.



Cockroaches can spread dangerous bacteria to humans such as E.Coli and Salmonella. They are a common cause of allergies and can trigger asthma attacks, particularly in young children. Common signs of a cockroach infestation include oblong brown egg cases, droppings, a musty odour, as well as seeing cockroaches.

Adaptive Pest Control can help you identify and remove cockroach infestations. We can also give you advice on how to prevent cockroaches from returning and help proof your home or business.


Moths can cause extensive damage and contamination to both personal items as well as commercial food products. There are two main types of moth:- Textile moths such as the Common Clothes Moth or Case-Bearing Clothes Moth and Stored Product moths such as Mediterranean Flour Moth, Indian Meal Moth or Warehouse Moth to name a few.


Clothes Moths

Clothes Moths can cause expensive damage to textiles, including carpets, clothes, woollens, furs, and other materials.

Signs of a moth infestation include holes in clothes, furniture and bare patches on carpets, as well as the presence of moth, larvae and their cases.


Flour Moths

Flour Moths can cause food contamination via their frass (droppings), webbing or bodies and can be an extreme nuisance to food premises.

Adaptive Pest Control have many different ways of dealing with the control of flour moths and other stored product moths.

Adaptive Pest Control can clear moth infestations and provide advice on how to avoid future infestations, for both Domestic and Commercial properties. 

Stored Product Insects

There are many varieties of stored product insects, including weevils, moth and beetle species, which are found in stored products such as flours, grains, dried fruits and cereals.
Grain Weevil Stored Product Insect
Grain Weevil
Rust Red Flour Beetle
Rust Red Flour Beetle

Stored product insects can cause extensive damage to food stores by eating, leaving waste products and burrowing, and can be hard to get rid of without professional pest control. If you notice webs, tracks, holes or discolouration in your stored product you may have an insect infestation.

Adaptive Pest Control are experts in the extermination of stored product insects. 

Other Pests

There are many other animals or pests that you may be unsure how to deal with and may require assistance. Contact us to discuss any issues you may have and to arrange an inspection and free estimate.



Foxes are very adaptable animals and have managed to successfully adjust to living alongside humans in urban areas and farmland due to their willingness to eat almost anything.

Adaptive Pest Control have different methods for removing and deterring foxes including fencing, humane trapping, scent deterrent and shooting.



Moles are small animals that live below the ground and can cause destruction via their burrowing. They can be very damaging to lawns, fields and foundations.

Adaptive Pest Control can help you with the trapping and removal of moles.



Rabbits are herbivores that can cause severe damage to agricultural crops, gardens and trees by their grazing. Their burrowing habits can cause ground erosion in parks and recreational areas.

Adaptive Pest Control can assist you with rabbit removal.

Proofing and Prevention

In addition to removing pests, Adaptive Pest Control provides comprehensive pest proofing and prevention services including Fly Killers, Bird Netting, Strip Curtains, Window and Door Meshing, Gutter Clearances and other environmental prevention measures.

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