Health and Hygiene Services

Adaptive Pest Control have tailored cleaning solutions for your home or business, working to a very high standard we have many happy clients and look forward to you becoming one too.

We offer quick cleans and more extensive deep cleans, for domestic properties and all kinds of commercial businesses on a regular or one-off basis.

Areas Served

We provide domestic and commercial cleaning services in Edinburgh, Glasgow, The Lothians, Scottish Borders, Fife, Berwickshire and beyond.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates for all of our health and hygiene services.

In some cases this can be simply given over the phone, if necessary we can visit the premises to inspect all areas to be worked on, giving a detailed estimate of all work required.

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Various Cleaning Services

There’s lots we can do for you or your business, on a regular basis or as a  one-off!

If you need something specific that you don’t see listed here just give us a call, we can possibly help.


Home Cleaning

Whether you’re to busy to do it yourself or simply need some help, we can provide cleaning services for your home as an ongoing or one-off service.

We offer regular domestic cleaning and we can also provide a full deep clean of a home for preparation for sale or new tenants. Our cleaning services can also include Gutter Cleaning, gardens and outside areas if needed.


Commercial Cleaning

Adaptive Pest Control can provide professional cleaning services for your business as an ongoing or one-off service.

We clean different types of commercial premises such as  pubs, offices, hotels, guest houses and for restaurants this could include Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning.


Gutter Cleaning

Blocked gutters can cause an overflow of water into premises or outside of premises. This in turn provides an easy water source for rodents, or a breeding area for drain flies and filter flies.

We can provide gutter clearances to both commercial or domestic properties.


Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

‘You can call Adaptive Pest Control for different levels of deep cleaning for commercial kitchens of all sizes. This can be inclusive of all shelving, ovens, fridges, splash-backs and surfaces.

As well as cleaning we can help you with the standards of Pest Control required to achieve SALSA Accreditation.

Extractor Fans Needing Cleaned

Vent and Extractor Fan Cleaning

In addition to Kitchen Deep Cleans Adaptive Pest Control offers vent and extractor fan cleaning to restaurants, cafes and other establishments serving food with commercial kitchens and ceiling vents.

As with our other cleaning services, this can be set up as a regular contract or as a one-off service.


Silo Cleaning

For Commercial premises we offer internal silo cleaning of your flour or sugar silo to remove engrained residue, helping to prevent contamination of your product.  We also offer external silo cleaning giving it a good appearance to visiting clients, suppliers or auditors.

For Agricultural premises we offer both internal and external cleaning of your grain silos.


Guano (Bird Dropping) Removal

Guano – or accumulated bird droppings – is not only unsightly but poses a health risks to humans. Untreated, guano deposits can expose people to a number of dangerous pathogens including Salmonella, Listeria, E-Coli and diseases such as psittacosis and ornithosis.

Have us  safely remove guano deposits from around your home or business and undertake a professional spray treatment to remove any possible health risks. We also provide Bird Removal and Proofing Services.

Fly Control Units

Fly Control Units

Adaptive Pest Control offer fly control units to address severe or persistent fly infestations.

We can source, set up and provide ongoing servicing for fly control units, ensuring that flies are controlled on your premises lessening the risk of food contamination and spread of diseases.


Needle Removal

Used needles are very hazardous, not only are they sharp but they can also spread serious diseases and should be handled with extreme caution.

They must be disposed of properly and for this we offer a needle removing service.

If you come across any dirty needles, we offer needle and syringe removal both as a stand-alone service or as part of our Clearance Services.